Boiled Panai/Panang Kizhangu (Sprouts of Asian Palmyra Palm)

by Kamala on December 30, 2011


Boiled_Panai_Panang_Kizhangu_Sprouts_Asian_Palmyra_Palm_1Panai kizhangu (பனை கிழங்கு in Tamil) or panang kizhangu (பனங்கிழங்கு in Tamil) is nothing but sprouts of palm seeds below the ground. In south India and Sri Lanka, these fibrous and nutritious panang kizhangu are boiled and relished. Most of the youngsters are not aware of this.

The outer skin of panang kizhangu is removed and washed well before boiling it. It gives a nice aroma when it is boiled.

Boiled Panai/Panang Kizhangu (Sprouts of Asian Palmyra Palm) suits as evening snacks or even for breakfast. It is healthy as it is simply boiled.


  • Panam kizhangu – 6 no
  • Turmeric powder – half teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon



  • Remove skin and wash.


  • Trim the edges and pressure cook in salt, turmeric powder added water for 15 minutes minimum.

Boiled_Panai_Panang_Kizhangu_Sprouts_Asian_Palmyra_Palm_4 Boiled_Panai_Panang_Kizhangu_Sprouts_Asian_Palmyra_Palm_5

  • Remove and allow it to cool till warm.


  • Cut it into pieces (while cutting, the hard center stem and thin layer of skin comes out easily; treat that as waste – second photo shown below).

Boiled_Panai_Panang_Kizhangu_Sprouts_Asian_Palmyra_Palm_7 Boiled_Panai_Panang_Kizhangu_Sprouts_Asian_Palmyra_Palm_8

  • Serve as it is. Chutney or sauce is not needed.


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