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Bottle Gourd/Lauki/Suraikai Juice: Dangerous If Bitter in Taste

Bottle_Gourd_Lauki_Suraikai_Juice_Dangerous_If_Bitter_TasteBottle gourd/Lauki/Suraikai juice is a healthy drink. Now it is found that if the juice is bitter in taste, it is dangerous and may cause death. So before drinking bottle gourd/lauki/suraikai juice, just taste a drop first and if it is bitter in taste, do not drink this juice.

Bottle gourd is known as Suraikai (சுரைக்காய்) in Tamil and as Lauki in Hindi.

I have noticed even Cucumber, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd taste bitter sometimes. It is better to avoid these vegetables also if you find it bitter in taste.

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  • Priya October 31, 2011, 9:14 pm

    I rarely prepare this juice, thanks for sharing this info..

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