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Chennai: Enjoy Delicious Vegetarian Food at Cream Centre Restaurant

Chennai_Enjoy_Delicious_Vegetarian_Food_Cream_Centre_Restaurant_1Vegetarians have very less restaurants to have food wherever they go. At Chennai, vegetarians can enjoy delicious dishes at Cream Centre restaurant. When we visited Cream Centre at R.A.Puram, we were thrilled to know that La Fête De Sizzler festival is going on from October 17, 2011 to November 27, 2011.

The sizzlers offered are:

  • Jain Sizzler
  • Paneer Steak Sizzler
  • Thai Pattaya Sizzler
  • Veg Schezwan Sizzler
  • Continental Sizzler
  • Sizzling Mumbai Special Paav Bhaji
  • Oriental Sizzler
  • Sizzling Dessert – Sizzling Indian Fundae

We enjoyed Jain Sizzler, Paneer Steak Sizzler and Oriental Sizzler. Here are the photographs.

Jain Sizzler: An assortment of exotic vegetables – baby corn, green peas, cabbage, French beans, boiled spinach on a bed of pineapple slices and basmati rice along with soya sauce sautéed red and yellow bell peppers, capsicum, paneer and grilled tomatoes doused with black pepper sauce.


Paneer Steak Sizzler: An assortment of cauliflower, green peas, boiled spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, French beans and carrot along with steak sauce marinated paneer grilled neatly presented on a satay stick on a bed of rice with sautéed onions, grilled tomatoes & potato fries doused with black pepper sauce/garlic sauce.


Oriental Sizzler: Veg Hakka noodles/veg fried rice served on a hot plate with vegetable balls in Manchurian sauce & Chinese greens in sweet & sour sauce along with crisp fried noodles.


To know more about the dishes available at Cream Centre, log on to ‘Cream Centre’

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  • anubha February 27, 2012, 5:05 pm

    We went to Cream Centre here in Banglore 100 ft rd….I am a non vegetarian and my hubby a vegetarian…..I dont much enjoy a pure veg Restraunt….But this one jst won my heart….Why eat Non Veg when such lovely Veg food available…. High Five :)

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