Cook at Ease Featured in Mangayar Malar and Snegithi

by Kamala on March 25, 2010


Iam quite convinced that my blog is becoming popular even before completing one year. The print media has started using photographs from my blog.

Iam a regular reader of Tamil monthly magazines Mangayar Malar and Snegithi (of Manjula Ramesh). I was surprised to see my blog photographs in these magazines of March 2010 issue.

My shock and surprise is that

  • these photographs are appearing without my permission.
  • also no credit is given that these photographs have been taken from my blog.
  • though my photographs are watermarked (in the centre), the photographs are suitably cropped and published.
  • in some photographs, watermark is also conveniently erased by suitable software.

Here are the magazines:

Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_1 Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_11

Now comes the details:

a. Mangayar Malar, March 2010, Page – 31.


A closer view in the magazine and my dish Semiya (Vermicelli) Idli.

Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_3 Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_4

b. Mangayar Malar, March 2010, Page – 36 and 37.


A closer view in the magazine and my dish Sprouted Methi (Fenugreek) Sambar.

Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_6 Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_7

c. Mangayar Malar, March 2010, Page – 115.


A closer view in the magazine and my dish Rava Milk Halwa.

Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_9 Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_10

d. Snegithi (of Manjula Ramesh), March 2010, Page 69.


A closer view in the magazine and my dish Onion Chuney.

Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_13 Cook_at_Ease_Mangayar_Malar_Snegithi_14

It is painful to know that popular magazines are involved in such activities ignoring copyright protection and consequences of copyright violations. I don’t know how long this was going on. My fellow bloggers can also check whether this is going on with their blogs.

Update: March 26

I have taken up the copyright violations with Mangayar Malar through their website on March 25. I’m waiting for their response.


It seems Snegithi is not having a website.

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