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Cook Easily with Electrolux Refrigerator: Infinity I-Kitchen

Electrolux_ikitchen_1 Infinity I-Kitchen, a modern high tech refrigerator with a computerized interactive touch screen electronic display has been jointly developed by Brazilian subsidiary of Electrolux and ProFUSION embedded systems.

Some interesting user friendly features available through this touch screen display of this Infinity I-Kitchen refrigerator are:

  • has more than 600 recipes stored that are useful to cook easily various dishes and to prepare drinks.
  • provision to control temperature in different sections of the refrigerator.
  • also provided with preset controls to suit to different occasions like party, vacation etc.,
  • has more applications like: Electrolux_ikitchen_2
    • storing of contacts, notes, photos.
    • setting reminders, appointments including calendar, clock functions.
  • can be used as a digital photo frame.

View some photographs of Infinity I-Kitchen from Flickr.

Also view a video clip from YouTube: ProFUSION and Electrolux Refrigerator (I-Kitchen)

For more details log on to Electrolux and ProFUSION.

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