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Crisp Papad (Appalam)

Papad_1 Papad (Appalam) is a popular dish all over India and is suitable for all occasions. Crisp papads can be prepared either by deep frying or in microwave oven.

Some of the ready to fry papads available in the market are:

  • Punjabi papad
  • Udad papad
  • Pepper papad
  • Jeera papad
  • Garlic papad
  • Rice papad
  • Moong papad
  • Chilli papad

Tips for deep fried papads:

  • If you want to use less oil to deep fry, cut the papad into half or quarter pieces and fry.
  • Soon after deep frying, place it on plain white paper to absorb excess oil.
  • Regulate oil temperature to avoid dark over fried papads.
  • Store fried papads in air tight container immediately after cooling down to keep them crisp for longer time.

papad_tips_1 papad_tips_2

Here are some deep fried papads:

Papad_2 Papad_3 Papad_4

For more details on papads available in market, visit Ambika Appalam Depot, Lijjat Papad.

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