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Crisp Poori (Puri)

Crisp_Poori_1 Poori is a traditional dish in all states of India. You will find this in all restaurants for breakfast in Tamil Nadu. It is kid’s favourite also. Poori is prepared in different ways by using all-purpose flour or wheat flour or by mixing both. Rava is added (Suji) to get crisp poori. Unlike chapatti dough, this is prepared little stiff. The dough should not be kept for long time. The side dish for this is Poori Kizhangu made of potatoes. Both make a rocking combination.

Serves: 6

Cooking time: 30 minutes approximately


  • Whole-wheat atta – 3 cups
  • Rava or Semolina – 1table spoon
  • Oil/ghee – 1 tea spoon to add in the dough
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Oil – for frying poori


Step 1

  • Add salt, ghee/oil in wheat flour, mix well; then add water little by little to make dough; make small balls.

Crisp_Poori_2 Crisp_Poori_3 Crisp_Poori_4

Step 2

  • Roll like a disc and deep fry in oil; regulate the flame to control oil temperature; if oil is not hot, poori will not swell while frying; sprinkle hot oil from the pan carefully by spatula on poori surface for the poori to swell like a balloon; fry on both sides; keep poori on kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.

Crisp_Poori_5 Crisp_Poori_6

  • Crisp Poori is ready and serve with Poori Kizhangu.


  • I made some designs in the shape of poori, to attract children of Sireesha’s Kidz Delight.

Crisp_Poori_8 Crisp_Poori_9


  • You can add Oregano (Omum in Tamil and Ajwain in Hindi) in the dough for easy digestion.
  • If you add more water in the dough, poori will absorb more oil while deep frying; if you add less water, poori will be hard.

This post is part of ‘Cooking for Kids Event – Wheat’ organized by Kidz delight and authored by Neivedyam.

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  • Priya October 7, 2009, 12:48 pm

    Beautiful fluffy pooris, looks great..loved all those beautiful tiny pooris..kids will definitely love this..

  • Vinolia December 18, 2009, 3:23 am

    poori kizhangu is my favourites; my daughter loves plain pooris by itself; I love the pooris soaked well in the kizhangu like they serve in some restaurants in India!!! :):) your pooris look perfectly puffed along with the yummy kizhangu!!

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