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Gajar (Carrot) Halwa by Microwave Cooking

Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_1 Gajar (Carrot) Halwa or pudding is a traditional dish prepared for special occasions. Carrot halwa by microwave cooking helps to reduce cooking time and to reduce the quantity of ghee used.

Carrot is known as Gajar in Hindi. I prepared this carrot halwa in 100% micro power using condensed milk.

Cooking time: 20 minutes approximately


  • Red carrot or yellow grated – 4 cup Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_2
  • Condensed milk – 400 gram
  • Milk – ½ cup
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Cardamom – 5 no
  • Ghee – ½ tea spoon
  • Pistachio – few for garnishing



  • Wash, peel and grate the carrot; put it in a micro safe container with half cup of milk and micro cook this for 8 minutes; stir in between; it may take more time if water content is more in the carrot.

Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_4 Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_5

  • Now add sugar, cardamom powder, condensed milk and micro cook for 8 minutes; stir in between.

Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_6 Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_7

  • If you find the content is not thick enough, micro cook for 3 to 4 minutes more (I did it for three more minutes); stirring in between helps for even cooking and makes the halwa to be thick easily; in the last add half teaspoon ghee and mix well when it is hot; the halwa gets thicker when it starts cooling; it took only 20 minutes to cook this carrot halwa for me.

Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_8 Gajar_Carrot_Halwa_Microwave_Cooking_9

  • Garnish with chopped pistachio and serve hot or cold.



  • If you use condensed milk, quarter to half cup of normal milk is enough.
  • If you use normal milk, you need two cups and this may take more time to evaporate the milk.
  • The cooking time may vary with the amount of ingredients, moisture content in the carrot and type of your microwave oven.
  • Follow safety precautions as given in your microwave oven manual.

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  • Sushma Mallya April 8, 2010, 10:42 am

    That looks so tempting, never tried doing it in a microwave…got to try this one as it looks very yum and nice idea to use condensed milk in it as well…surely would enhance the taste of this dessert

  • Priya April 8, 2010, 12:35 pm

    Thats a delicious halwa, i love the microwave version too..

  • Vinolia April 8, 2010, 5:31 pm

    this method sounds easy and quick!!! delicious carrot halwa, I love it!!!

  • imran siddiqui July 17, 2011, 12:38 pm

    gajar halwa recepe very good

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