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How to make Cone Dosa ?

Cone_Dosa_1 Plain dosa is commonly used dish in south India. Making a cone dosa is easy and looks attractive to children.

Serves: Four

Cooking time: each dosa – approximately 4 minutes


  • Dosa batter – 4 cups
  • Cooking oil – half tea spoon for each dosa


Step 1

  • Take a non-stick griddle (tava), grease it with little oil and heat it.
  • Spread one ladle dosa batter in it to a thin round and cook.
  • Use a spatula, to change side and cook till crisp.

Cone_Dosa_2 Cone_Dosa_3 Cone_Dosa_4

Cone_Dosa_5 Cone_Dosa_6 Cone_Dosa_7

Step 2

  • Cut crisp dosa, radially as shown and roll it as a cone.

Cone_Dosa_8 Cone_Dosa_9 Cone_Dosa_10

Cone_Dosa_11 Cone_Dosa_12

Serve with Chutney, Sambar. To save time, you can make plain dosa also and serve.

Cone_Dosa_13 Cone_Dosa_14


  • Use non stick tava to consume less oil and to cook faster.
  • Dosa has to be crisp, to make it as a cone.
  • As you have to use your hands to roll it as a cone, it is unsafe to roll on tava; keep it on a tray and roll.

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