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How to Make Processed Rice Flour at Home ?

Processed_Rice_Flour_1Processed rice flour is a major ingredient in many of the south Indian snacks. This is used as prime ingredient in some dishes like puttu,  idiyappam, akki roti, puli upma etc. In some snacks, it is used to give crispness to the dishes like bajji, pakoda and some ready to make dosa. Majority south Indian snacks like muruku, seedai, appam, thenkuzhal, thattai etc use rice as star ingredient. Though rice flour is available in market, it is easy to prepare at home.

Processed Rice Flour is known as padhapaduthapatta arisi maavu (பதபடுத்தபட்ட அரிசி மாவு) in Tamil.

Processed rice flour can be prepared in three ways:

  1. Soak raw rice in water; drain and partially dry it; grind in a mixer-grinder finely and then sieve it; then this rice flour can be roasted in a dry pan slightly; cool it and keep it in an airtight container for use as required; for some dishes like seedai, kai murukku, and adhirasam it is used immediately; in this method only small quantity can be prepared conveniently; this will be pure and you get better results in your cooking (this method is explained below in detail)
  2. Soak raw rice in water for 10 to 15 minutes; rinse, drain and dry it in open air under shade by spreading it on a clean cloth for more than 24 hours or till the rice is crisp dried; this dried rice can be taken to a flour mill and finely ground; cool this rice flour to room temperature by spreading it on a clean paper; then keep in an airtight container for further use.
  3. Finely grind dry raw rice in a flour mill directly without soaking/drying; this rice flour is like the rice flour available in the grocery shop.


  • Soak raw rice for one hour in water.

Processed_Rice_Flour_2 Processed_Rice_Flour_3

  • Drain and partially dry it in open air under shade preferably on a clean cloth.

Processed_Rice_Flour_4 Processed_Rice_Flour_5

  • Grind in a mixer-grinder finely.

Processed_Rice_Flour_6 Processed_Rice_Flour_7

  • Sieve it.

Processed_Rice_Flour_8 Processed_Rice_Flour_9

  • Roast this rice flour in a dry pan slightly to remove moisture; allow it to come to room temperature and keep it in an airtight container for use as required.

Processed_Rice_Flour_10 Processed_Rice_Flour_11

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