Kara Kozhukattai (Indian Savory Dumpling)

by Kamala on March 31, 2010


Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_1 Kara Kozhukattai is also a popular south Indian dish. It uses Bengal gram and black gram for stuffing. Both grams are soaked, drained and mixed with spices. Then it is ground, steam cooked and used as stuffing.

This Kara Kozhukattai is also called as Paruppu Kozhukattai.


  • Bengal gram – ½ cup
  • Split black gram – ½ cup
  • Red chilli – 1 no
  • Green chilli – 1 no
  • Turmeric powder – pinch
  • Asafetida – pinch
  • Salt – as per need
  • For seasoning
    • Mustard – ½ tea spoon
    • Curry leaves – few
    • Oil – 1 tea spoon



  • Stuffing: Soak both grams for 1 hour.


  • Grind with red chilli, green chilli, salt, turmeric powder and asafetida powder without water to a coarse paste.

Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_4 Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_5

  • Now steam cook it like idli for 8 to 10 minutes.

Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_6 Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_7

  • Cool and mash it well.

Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_8 Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_9

  • Do the seasoning in a pan; add mashed item, fry for few minutes; now the filling is ready for kara kozhukattai.


  • Dough:The dough for kozhukattai is prepared in many ways; you may follow any one of these two methods:
    • Method 1: Boil two cups of water and add one cup of rice flour with pinch of salt; stir continuously to form a dough; cool and knead it to a soft, firm dough.
    • Method 2: Soak one cup of rice for 1 hour; grind it with pinch of salt, ½ cup milk and water to thin batter; pour in a hot pan, stir constantly to form dough; cool and knead it to a soft, firm dough.
    • for more details refer my Rice Idiyappam (String Hoppers) or Coconut and Masala Ammini Kozhakattai.


  • Kozhukattai: Now lightly apply oil in your hand and take lemon size dough; shape it like a mini cup; though nowadays moulds are available, making with hands gives a traditional touch; fill it with stuffing.

Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_12 Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_13

  • Seal it and steam cook for 5 to 6 minutes.

Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_14 Kara_Kozhukattai_Indian_Savory_Dumpling_15

  • Kara Kozhukattai or Paruppu Kozhukattai is ready. Serve hot.


  • Here is the cutaway section of a Kara Kozhukattai.


  • Here is a mix of Ellu, Kara, Coconut, Ammini (Mania) Kozhukattai.


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