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Mango/Aam/Mampazham Lassi

Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_1Lassi is an Indian beverage prepared with fresh curd. Mango lassi is a very popular summer beverage. Curd and mango is a delicious combo and makes the lassi rich and yummy. What we need is fresh curd, sweet ripe mango, sugar and some cream.

Here I have used Padiri mango, a variety of mango found in some parts of Tamil Nadu to prepare Mango/Aam/Mampazham Lassi. Padiri mango has nice fragrance, rich taste and attractive colour.

Ripe Mango is known as  Mampazham (மாம்பழம்) in Tamil and as Aam in Hindi.


  • Medium size mango (cut and fleshy parts extracted) – 2 no
  • Fresh chilled creamy curd –  1 cup
  • Sugar – quarter cup
  • Low fat fresh cream – 2 tablespoon (optional)
  • Cardamom powder – pinch (optional)
  • Chilled water – as needed
  • Salt – pinch

padiri_mango Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_2


  • In a blender add mango, sugar and blend well.

Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_3 Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_4

  • Now add curd, cardamom powder, salt, cream (keep some for garnishing), water and blend well; chill it in fridge.

Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_5 Mango_Aam_Mampazham_Lassi_6

  • Before serving, pour in the glass and garnish with little cream.


  • Serve delicious Mango/Aam/Mampazham Lassi.



  • Quantity of sugar can be varied depending on the sweetness of mango.
  • Quantity of water can be varied to suit the required consistency.

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  • Priya June 27, 2011, 12:36 pm

    Thick mango lassi looks irresistible and yumm!

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