Non Stick Cookware: Prestige Omega Select Plus Kitchen in a Box

by Kamala on February 28, 2011


Prestige_Omega_Select_Plus_Kitchen_Box_Non_Stick_Cookware_1 To encourage Cook @ Ease, this month during my 32nd wedding anniversary, my children gifted me with ‘Prestige Omega Select Plus Kitchen in a Box’ non-stick cookware.

The manufacturers ‘Prestige TTK’ list the advantages of Omega Select + as

  • Residue Free Cooking
  • 3 – Layer Metal Spoon Friendly Coating
  • Sturdy Handles

The non-stick cookware found in the box are:

  • Omni Tawa 275 mm: to prepare Dosas, Chapatis, Parathas etc.,
  • Fry Pan 250 mm: to prepare Cutlets, Bread Rolls, French Fries, even some fluffy Idlis etc.,
  • Sauce Pan with SS lid 200 mm: to prepare Kheer, Soup, Sambar, Rasam etc.,
  • Round Base Kadai 200 mm: to prepare Aloo Gobi, Malai Kofta, mixed vegetable curry etc.,
  • Flat Base Kadai with SS lid 250 mm: to prepare Navaratan Kurma, Kofta Curry, Kadai Paneer, Dal Makhanwalla, Dum Aloo, Gobi Masala, Peas Masala etc.,
  • Junior Handi (4 litre) with SS lid: to prepare Pulao, Biriyani etc.,

Here are the photographs.

Sauce Pan and Omni Tawa


Round Base Kadai and Fry Pan


Flat Base Kadai and Handi Junior.


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