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Onam: Ona Sadya gets Outsourced

Ona_Sadya This year Onam, the popular festival in Kerala was celebrated on September 02. Traditionally Indian festivals are celebrated by preparing delicious dishes at home. Now-a-days to lead a comfortable life, both husband and wife have to work (employed) and hardly any time is available to prepare festival dishes at home. During festival season, popular restaurants provide festival dishes to cater the needs of working couple and to those who find it difficult to prepare at home. One has to go to the restaurants, to enjoy those festival dishes.

As a further development, festival dishes can now be outsourced. You can order the dishes and have them delivered at your home. You have the comfort of  celebrating the festival at home and enjoy those dishes at home.

This year Sona Caterers of Chennai, has home delivered Ona Sadya (Onam feast) to about 600 customers. Specialist cooks from Thrissur came to Chennai to prepare the dishes.

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