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Order Dishes, Play Games, Make Payments with Presto Tablets of E la Carte in Restaurants

Order_Dish_Play_Games_Pay_Presto_Tablets_E_la_Carte_RestaurantsTablets have started replacing menu cards in the restaurants. Presto Tablets of E la Carte can be used to select and order dishes of your choice. After ordering the dishes, same tablet can be used for playing games till the dishes are served. After dining, same tablet can be used to make instant payments electronically using credit/debit cards without wasting your time. The receipt automatically reaches your email account. In addition, presto tablets have complete details about the dishes available in the restaurant including calorie count.

Presto tablets

  • are powered by an 18 hour long battery.
  • have a built-in credit card reader.
  • has a unique adjustable stand to play games.

View a video clip from You Tube: New Restaurant Ordering Tablets on the Menu

For more details about Presto tablets, log on to E la Carte.

Note: Image shown above is not Presto Tablet. It is the image of E la Carte website viewed in a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

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  • lourancedi May 14, 2012, 12:36 pm

    Nice but NOT a new idea, i’ve seen eMenu orderable touch screens in many restaurants around the world. Now they’ve even started using iPad menus in some places!

    you should take a look at “Conceptic’s” products

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