Paal Paniyaram (Sweet Rice-Urad Dal Balls Soaked in Milk)

by Kamala on August 31, 2010


Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_1 Paal Paniyaram is a simple sweet and can be prepared easily. Deep fried rice-urad dal balls are soaked in sweet milk. It can be ordinary milk or coconut milk or mixture of both. Here I have prepared it with ordinary milk. I boiled the milk to make it thick to get nice taste of the dish.

Milk is known as Paal in Tamil.


  • Raw rice – 1 cup
  • Urad dal – 1 cup
  • Milk – 1 litre
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Cardamom powder – pinch
  • Salt – pinch
  • Oil – for frying

Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_2 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_3


  • Soak rice and urad dal for 2 to 3 hours; grind it with salt to a smooth paste, so that it can absorb milk when soaked in milk after deep frying (this should not be too thick or too thin).

Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_4 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_5

  • Boil milk in a wide pan; let it reduce in volume to half approximately; then add sugar, cardamom powder and mix well.

Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_6 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_7 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_8

  • Heat oil in a pan; shape rice-dal paste into small balls with wet hands and deep fry them.

Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_9 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_10 Paal_Paniyaram_Sweet_Rice_Urad_Dal_Balls_Soaked_Milk_11

  • Add this in warm milk.
  • Soak it for 15 minutes and then serve.



  • Deep fried rice-urad dal balls can also be soaked in coconut milk.

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