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Pottu Kadalai Poondu (Roasted Gram/Garlic) Podi

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_1 South Indian cuisine has many variety of podi (spiced powder) to suit steamed rice. When these podis are mixed with hot steamed rice with few drops of ghee or oil it tastes divine. These podis can be kept for some months without losing its freshness. Podi reduces the working load of woman when sudden guest arrives or when time is short to cook.

Here is Pottu Kadalai Poondu (Roasted Gram/Garlic) Podi.

Roasted gram or chutney dal is known as Pottu Kadalai in Tamil and Garlic is known as Poondu in Tamil.


  • Pottu kadalai (roasted gram) – 1 cup
  • Red chilli – 10 to 12 no
  • Garlic peeled – 20 to 25 no
  • Copra (dry coconut) – half (optional)
  • Salt – as per taste



  • Cut copra into small pieces; put it in a mixer, pulse it for few seconds and powder it; dry roast red chilli in a pan till crisp.

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_3 Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_4

  • In a blender add red chilli, salt and grind for few seconds.

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_5 Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_6

  • Add garlic and run the mixer for few seconds.

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_7 Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_8

  • Now add pottu kadalai and grind for few seconds.

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_9 Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_10

  • Add copra powder and run for few more seconds.

Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_11 Pottu_Kadalai_Poondu_Roasted_Gram_Garlic_Podi_12

  • Spicy Pottu Kadalai Podi is ready. Serve it with hot steamed rice.


  • Store it in air-tight container.



  • Use of copra (Kopparai Thengai) helps to increase the shelf life of podi comparing to the use of fresh coconut.

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  • Sushma Mallya June 30, 2010, 10:09 am

    Nice recipe, very flavourful podi..

  • shama June 30, 2010, 12:41 pm

    delicious tempting podi

  • niloufer riyaz June 30, 2010, 12:54 pm

    arumayana podi!!!

  • Priya June 30, 2010, 1:02 pm

    SUch a beautiful and flavourful podi,would like to have with some hot steaming rice rite now..

  • meena February 26, 2011, 10:48 pm

    have made it today on cing ur recipe….it took only 10 min 2 make the hole thing……it’s soo tasty n my hubby n even kids liked it…………thnx a lot 4 sharing such a tasty recipe…..thank u

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