Pyaz ka Paratha (Onion Stuffed Indian Bread)

by Kamala on February 18, 2010


Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_1 Onion paratha is delicious with onion flavor. Like onion uthappam, stuffed parathas can be made with onion and spices. I mix cumin powder, garam masala powder and dry mango powder in the finely chopped onion for stuffing. I also use boiled potato to bind onion.

My children love this onion flavored parathas. Onion is known as Pyaz in Hindi and as Vengayam in Tamil.


  • Onion – 5 no
  • Potato – 1 no Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_2
  • Green chilli – 2 no
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Garam masala – ½ tea spoon
  • Cumuin powder – ½ tea spoon
  • Dry mango powder – ½ tea spoon
  • For dough
    • Whole wheat flour – 2 cup
    • Salt – pinch
    • Oil – for frying parathas


  • Dough for paratha: Knead the flour with enough water; apply few drops of oil on the surface and keep aside.

Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_3 Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_4

  • Stuffing for paratha: Finely chop onion, green chilli (I did it in food processor); boil potato; add dry masalas, salt and boiled potato; mix them well; now stuffing is ready.

Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_5 Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_6

  • Stuffing of paratha: Now divide the dough into small parts; take one and shape like a cup; fill the stuffing, close the edges; roll and pat it gently in your palm.

Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_7 Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_8

  • Sprinkle some dry flour on the rolling board and roll them to a bigger disc.

Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_9 Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_10

  • Put it on a hot skillet, cook both sides; apply light oil on the surface.

Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_11 Pyaz_Paratha_Onion_Stuffed_Indian_Bread_12

  • Repeat the process for remaining dough also. Serve hot with raitha or chutney.


  • Here is a partly peeled paratha to show the stuffing inside.



  • For 5 to 6 onions, I use one potato for binding.
  • Finely chopped spring onion also can be used for stuffing.

This post is part of the event “Weekend Wokking # 22 – Onion” hosted by Kits Chow and created by Wandering Chopsticks.

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