Red Hibiscus Juice (Chembaruthi Sharbat)

by Kamala on March 18, 2011


Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_1 Hibiscus, also known as ‘sorrel’ or ‘rosemallow’ has medicinal benefits. The red and white flowers of hibiscus are considered to have more medicinal value. They are used in beauty products such as hair oil and shampoo. Red hibiscus flowers are also used during puja in Hindu religion.

This flower is used to prepare tea/juice/sharbat. It acts as a stomach conditioner and reduces body heat.

Here I have prepared a colourful Red Hibiscus (Chembaruthi) Sharbat. Red Hibiscus is known as Chembaruthi (செம்பருத்தி) in Tamil. In south India, these flowers can be seen in almost every home (red hibiscus photo below is taken at my sister’s home).



  • Red Hibiscus – 12 no
  • Sugar – one cup
  • Water – one cup
  • Lemon juice – half cup
  • Salt – pinch
  • Cardamom powder – pinch (optional)



  • Wash the flowers, remove petals with center parts and keep; discard the green parts (shown in the picture below).


  • In a pan take one cup of water and bring to boil; switch off heat, add flower petals and close with a lid.

Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_4 Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_5 Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_6

  • After cooling, mash the flower petals with fingers; filter and keep the juice.

Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_7 Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_8

  • Take sugar in a pan and add lemon juice little by little just to wet the sugar; if lemon juice is less, add little water.

Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_9 Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_10

  • Heat, stir and dissolve sugar in lemon juice in low flame for few minutes (no need to boil); add cardamom powder, salt and mix; when the sugar is fully dissolved, the syrup will be little sticky (if touched with wet fingers); remove and allow it to cool; add hibiscus extract and mix well.

Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_11 Red_Hibiscus_Juice_Chembaruthi_Sharbat_12

  • Now Red Hibiscus (Chembaruthi) Sharbat is ready for use.
  • While serving, add one measure of syrup with two measures of water (ratio can be adjusted to suit your need); Serve chilled.



  • If required, sweetness can be increased by adding more sugar.
  • Syrup can be preserved in fridge for later use.

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