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Sanyo GOPAN to Use Rice Grains to Bake Bread at Home

sanyo_gopan_rice_bread_cooker Sanyo, Japan is getting ready to sell from October 2010, the world’s first rice bread cooker using rice grains. I’m sure, in India also this product will be in demand to bake fresh rice bread at home.

Some interesting features of this rice bread cooker GOPAN (SPM-RB1000) are:

  • Uses rice grains instead of rice flour to bake bread.
  • Entire rice bread making process of milling (making rice paste), kneading, rising, and baking are done in this single unit.
  • Not only rice, other minor grains can also be used to bake bread including wheat bread.
  • Has 22 settings to bake wide variety of bread:
    • rice bread settings – 7
    • rice bread dough settings – 5
    • wheat settings – 7
    • wild yeast settings – 4
  • Has “Gluten-free Setting” to suit people with wheat allergy.
  • Size – 354 mm (width) x 278 mm (depth) x 387 mm (height)
  • Weight – 11 kg approx

View an interesting You Tube video clip: Sanyo GOPAN – Rice Bread Maker – DigInfo

For more details about this rice bread cooker with photographs, read from Sanyo news release in English and in Japanese.

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  • Rice Lover November 4, 2011, 8:37 pm


    If anyone would like to get a Sanyo GOPAN, this website seems to be the best place.


    This website is in English and easy to understand how the product works.
    Also, the price should be the cheapest on the web.
    Hope you can get one as present to your family members!

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