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Smart Fridge Under Development by University of Central Lancashire and Online Supermarket Ocado

uclan A smart fridge (refrigerator) is being designed and developed by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Online Supermarket Ocado in U.K.

Some interesting features of this smart fridge of future are:

  • has a scanner to detect the quantity of food, stored in the fridge before and after a meal.
  • can automatically move the plate of food to the front of the fridge shelf so that
    • food that is expected to degrade faster can be consumed earlier; this is to avoid wastage later (has chemical sensors to detect the gases being released from the degrading food). ocado
    • movement of plates are done by millions of nano-tiles in the fridge shelves.
  • both doors have high definition interactive touch screen display
    • to generate a shopping list to place an order to online Supermarket Ocado, by assessing the contents of the fridge.
    • to suggest recipes of different countries, cuisines and seasons.
    • has calendar, food diary, photo album, Ocado TV features.
    • to display web based cooking shows and services with full wireless connectivity.

This fridge seems to be smarter than the Infinity I-Kitchen from Electrolux.

For more details, log on to Mail Online.

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