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Strawberry Milk Shake

Strawberry_Milk_Shake_1 Strawberry is a beautiful, small fruit and is liked by many for its bright red colour and juicy texture. Also it is a good source of vitamin C. Strawberry is used to prepare fruit salad, juice, milk shake and ice cream.

Here is a simple easy-to-prepare Strawberry Milk Shake.


  • Fresh strawberry – 15 no
  • Chilled milk – 500 ml
  • Sugar – 3 to 4 tablespoon (adjust as per taste)
  • Fresh cream – 2 tablespoon (optional)



  • Wash, hull the strawberries and cut into pieces; add them with sugar in a mixer or blender; blend it to a smooth consistency.

Strawberry_Milk_Shake_3 Strawberry_Milk_Shake_4

  • Add chilled milk, cream and run the mixer for few seconds (use ‘whipper’ option).
  • Now chilled, creamy Strawberry Milk Shake is ready (approximately 3 glasses).



  • I used low fat Amul fresh cream.

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  • Priya March 30, 2011, 12:24 am

    Feel like finishing that irresistible shake,yumm!

  • Usha March 30, 2011, 12:15 pm


  • varsha March 21, 2013, 5:04 pm

    So cool and refreshing…

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