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Uthappam: Indian Pizza

Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_1 We can say Uthappam as the Indian version of Pizza. In south India, Onion Uthappam is more popular for its nice aroma and taste. When we add vegetables also, Uthappam becomes more nutritious and is comparable to Indian version of Pizza. It is almost considered as a full meal as rice, dal and vegetables are the constituents of Uthappam. Cheese topping can also given after cooking both sides to make it more tasty.

Serves: Six

Cooking time: approximately 3 minutes for each Uthappam.


  • Dosa batter – 5 cups
  • For chopping
    • Carrot – 1 no
    • Onion – 3 no
    • Green chilli – 3 no
    • Curry leaves and coriander leaves – few

Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_2 Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_3


Step 1

  • Chop all items given nicely and mix with the batter.

Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_4 Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_5

Step 2

  • Heat a tava and grease it with oil. Now spread one ladle of batter, little thicker than a dosa.
  • Pour oil on the periphery.
  • Using a spatula to change side and cook both sides.

Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_6 Utthappam_Indian_Pizza_7



  • Finely chopped capsicum, cabbage, cauliflower can also be added in the batter.
  • If dosa batter is too much fermented and is sour, half cup of milk can be added in the batter.


Here is Uthappam prepared with carrot,capsicum,tomato and cheese topping.



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