Vella Seedai/Sweet Cheedai of Tamil Nadu

by Kamala on August 20, 2011


Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_1Vella Seedai (வெல்ல சீடை)/Sweet Cheedai is also a snack prepared to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth day in Tamil Nadu. Processed rice flour, urad dal flour, cardamom and jaggery are used in this.

While shaping seedai marbles, don’t press them tight. This is to avoid bursting of seedai while deep frying. All ingredients must be also free from impurities.

Processed rice flour can be prepared easily at home. Urad dal flour can also be prepared at home.


  • Processed rice flour – 1 cup
  • Roasted urad dal flour – 1 teaspoon
  • Jaggery (roughly chopped) –  cup
  • White sesame seeds – quarter teaspoon
  • Cardamom – 2 or 3 no
  • Coconut pieces (finely cut) or grated coconut – 1 teaspoon
  • Oil – to deep fry



  • Take jaggery in a pan or suitable bowl; add little hot water just to submerge jaggery; keep it for few minutes; dissolve, filter and keep the syrup.

Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_3 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_4

  • Dry roast rice flour in a pan till colour changes to light red (unlike uppu seedai, rice flour should be roasted well for this); powder cardamom finely; slightly dry roast coconut pieces in a pan.

Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_5 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_6 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_7

  • Mix rice flour, urad dal flour, cardamom powder, coconut pieces and white sesame seeds; now add slowly jaggery syrup and mix well to form a dough; sometimes depending on the rice flour quality, consumption of jaggery syrup may vary (if some jaggery syrup is left out, use it in some other dish); the dough should be soft enough to shape as marbles.

Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_8 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_9 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_10

  • Make marble sized balls using the entire dough; heat oil in a pan; deep fry the balls in moderate heat; if the surface turns to light red colour, lower the flame and cook for few more minutes; this helps to cook evenly inside/outside; stir smoothly while frying to avoid breaking of vella seedai.

Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_11 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_12 Vella_Seedai_Sweet_Cheedai_Tamil_Nadu_13

  • Now Vella Seedai (வெல்ல சீடை)/Sweet Cheedai is ready. Cool it to room temperature and then keep it in airtight container.



  • Sometimes minor cracks may appear on the surface of Vella Seedais while deep frying. Grated coconut may help to minimise surface cracks.

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